Karen Goodson Holistic Therapist

My Passion

My passion is to support those of you who are waking up to your spiritual nature, encouraging you to become the person your soul intended you to be whilst helping you to remain grounded in the reality of our human existence. 

What I do

I am a multi-dimensional healer; this ​means that I work across all timelines, all dimensions and all levels which encompass the ancestral, historical, DNA and soul levels.

I consider myself a guide or facilitator, helping you to find the resources within your own multidimensional self to receive the healing you need.

One of my gifts is the ability to work with fellow healers, coaches and therapists who have become stuck; there is perhaps that one final thing they need to shift in order to progress on their own spiritual journey. That last block has resisted all attempts to identify, clear or release it; techniques such as NLP, Tapping, meditation and Reiki healing have been unable to break through.

I use  Aquarian Atlantean energy healing but, essentially, I trust my intuition coupled with your intention to create a clear channel through me, between you and your higher self, guides and Source energy.

In effect we clear vows, promises, soul contracts and so on from other lives which are having an impact on this life.

The resulting healing is catalytic, powerful and transformative. 

Initial Teacher Training qualification which I customised for holistic therapists

Initial Teacher Training qualification which I customised for holistic therapists

What our customers are saying

This is what Allison had to say following a recent session:

Karen, the Universe works in mysterious ways and, as always, the right person with the right knowledge at the right time was in my path.... YOU!

My journey had reached a point of needing direction and you provided it in the most intuitive way with the right balance of knowledge, information, love and intuition.  

What you do is a springboard for anyone looking inside themselves for answers.

Thank you with all of my heart....

Allison Lovatt

What our customers are saying

This is what Bonnie had to say about Theta following a recent session:

After two Theta Healing sessions with healer Karen Goodson I am blown away by this wonderful form of healing.. I now know the root cause of a medical condition I was told I had for life, for which I have now been healed. So amazing!! If you want to work on any physical or emotional issue its well worth having a session,

Bonnie Lloyd, Isbourne Centre, Cheltenham

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