Introducing Aryana

Aryana is a spirtual counsellor and an art therapist with a special interest in supporting people who have or have had suicidal ideation.

Q & A with Aryana

What are you studying?

A masters in Transpersonal Arts in therapy

What attracted you to this course/career?

Having explored and done a hypnotherapy, Psychotherapeutic and Spiritual counselling course, I felt there was something missing, perhaps a grounding and integrating of our Spiritual, Mental and physical selves. I hadn’t explored nature or my creativity and this course felt perfect, It is out in nature and experiential which is teaching me not only how to heal others but how to heal myself too in a deep integrative way.

You and Karen met when you were training as Spiritual Counsellors. Can you tell us what kind of therapies you are offering please?

We are offering an integrative healing process. We live in a world where people want quick fixes but actually we need to do the inner work to create long lasting change not only for this lifetime but for our future generations too all whilst releasing karmic and ancestral beliefs and conditioning.

I believe we work multi dimensionally, always connecting with our higher selves, the universal source and healing from here. I feel we are both open hearted individuals but with bad ass boundaries. We help you understand and clear out-dated patterns, beliefs and conditioning. Leading you to feel empowered and strong within yourself.

We use Atlantean Paddles, Spiritual counselling and healing through nature and the arts.

What gives you a buzz in life?

Adventure, Freedom and peace. I love meditating, yoga and chi gung. I love mountains, walking, climbing, and enjoying nature. I love dragons and have my own bearded dragon. I am an animal lover and believe we are all equal beings

Would you like to share one or more of the most pivotal moments in your life?


I ran away from having an arranged marriage when I was 18, it was an external freedom from years of control and abuse. I found it was an external freedom but I still struggled internally with my emotions, feelings and thoughts, some often suicidal. In 2012 I had a moment when I thought about killing myself but a voice came and said’ There is more to life’, it was so loud and strong, I followed it the years following I have worked intensively and deeply on freeing my internal self, letting go one by one of these beliefs, patterns and conditioning that had been imposed on me not only from this lifetime but past lives too, releasing karmic and ancestral stuff and slowly but surely coming home to being.

How can people contact you?

Email me on [email protected]

Phone 07737 112206