Karen Goodson Holistic Therapist

Spiritual Cleanse and Energy Tune-Up

During a spiritual cleanse session we will work together to remove any energies that no longer serve your highest good.  These can be your own beliefs, thoughts and feelings; they could also be energies projected onto you by others.  

Once these energies have been released, we will call upon your team in spirit to bring through an energetic tune-up.

We will conclude by refreshing your protection through establishing clear boundaries regarding what you will permit to enter your energy field.

Investment £85 for a one hour session

Deep Spiritual Cleanse 

Ancient blockages could be holding you back, quite possibly, over many lifetimes.  These are the balls and chains and shackles that may show up as pain or discomfort with no logical cause.

A​re you carrying buckets full of stuff that is not yours?

Is some of it yours and you are ready to let it go?

All of these are forms of energy that can be released.

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